Spring Equinox part 1

Master Number: 44

Animal Spirit Guide: Panther

Oracle Message: Reclaim your power.

Guidance: It’s time to take risks and step into a different aspect of your being.

Before jumping into your “next steps” list for this astrological year, please take the time to reflect on where you were exactly a year ago from today.

Notice the challenges you overcame.

Embrace the confidence you worked so hard to rebuild.

Before you begin any ritual for this Spring Equinox, acknowledge your Inner Growth. Celebrate this!

Your hard work throughout the astrological year 2021 is the foundation for astrological year 2022.

The words you speak to yourself and others have changed.

Courage has a new meaning.

Attaining dream goals seem so much easier.

It is time for us to live fearlessly and fully as we have successfully evolved into our new, braver, bolder selves.

We have all transcended and our new identities are emerging from the darkness.

Your destiny awaits! Be prepared to take on new levels of accomplishment and higher consciousness.

During this Spring Equinox journey into the “all new”…allow your passions to drive you forward.

Paying attention to whatever makes you FEEL good while in your element is a sign that you are on the right path forward.

Many of us will be springing forward in time depending on where in the world we live. Small adjustments to timing may occur so be prepared to shift into a fast-first gear!

Completions of a very specific karmic cycle on an ancestral level have happened because of your growth.

Pressing forward is the only way forward from here.

The past no longer exists. All experiences from this point forward will be marked as just that…an experience of life itself.

This is all because of your perspective around how things are actually balanced & how energy flows on this plane of existence.

An understanding of this will mean more to you than anything.

Mastery of self happened during astrological year 2020.

Mastery of emotions completed in astrological year 2021.

Astrological year 2022 promises success via Mastery of personal power on all levels!

With that being said, I wish you an astrological year filled with dreams coming true. You deserve nothing less than.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Unconditional Love, Divine Peace and Divine Protection across all layers, levels and dimensions of time.


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