Moon in Pisces

There is a restlessness emerging from inside of us as a collective today.

I tried shaking this energy off and not returning to writing during mercury retrograde but I am being magnetically pulled to do so any way.

I am being shown freedom for many of you.

You are being given the opportunity to take flight into a new stellar gateway that is beyond what any of us could imagine.

Know that you are destined to be released from those who have held you down for so long.

I was given a vision of someone being called to shift upwards but at their feet another laid there attempting to distract them from the blessed light of the future.

This energy was so heavy they could not stand up by themselves.

They relied heavily on your energy source to be fulfilled.

As you prepared to soar into new heights they became scared and frantic. Doing everything and anything possible to get you to stay in a lower dimension with them.

This lower dimension was presented to me as a state of being that is heavily reliant upon a specific state of mind.

Your mind has now shifted and you are able to see with Divine Clarity through vision beyond this world.

The lower energy watched as the rope that bound you two together unraveled and fell to the ground.

Immediately, I felt light as a feather.

Today, there will be swift changes on the astral realm.

You might wake up feeling released from the past or a certain circumstance and a heavily desire to get things done. For others of you, I am seeing that you recently received the courage and confidence to go after something you once thought was unattainable due to your surroundings.

I am seeing a transfer of energy from one state of being to another.

It feels as simple as shifting a crystal from the left hand into the right.

Know that much of this revelation may not apply to you but if you were led to read this post…it will make sense very soon.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Protection, Divine Guidance and Divine Love.

And so it is.


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