Cancer Season 2022: Releasing the Old in order to Grow

For many of us the past year has been life altering.

For many of us, this has been the result of the immense amount of growth and determination we have placed on ourselves to pursue our own empowered paths forward.

For many of us, growing has been a burden. We have cried over pain, regrets and memories that have haunted us for what seems like forever.

For many of us, the time we spent alone in hermit mode has caused us to rethink everything we have ever done. To re-evaluate our choices whilst choosing to be in harmony with our now mature emotional growth.

For many of us, our mindsets have shifted. We have grown into the persons we have always desired to be! Free from fear and filled with immense power that we have taken back from people, places and things that have stolen from us both knowingly and unknowingly.

For many of us, we now know who we are even if our lives may seem perplexed and complicated to others looking in from the outside.

For many of us, what others may or may not think about us has zero relevance in our newfound lives simply because we chose not to be understood this time around.

For many of us, this new lifeline is inevitable!

We are ever growing, ever changing and ever allowing as we open our arms to welcome in the new in all new creative ways.

We see clearly and understand what is being shown to us will forever be a part of us…this lifetime and the next.

For many of us this task has been, and will be, challenging but we have come such a long way to finally be able to breathe in deeply and release all that no longer serves our highest good.

For many of us, this next phase in our journey will be enlightening, and obviously, growth-oriented!

We have given so much back to ourselves.

So much so that our light will forever shine brighter for many to see & feel across all realms and dimensions.

For many of us, we are heading towards great rediscovery within ourselves that will create a space of calm knowing, peace, patience & understanding that is of the highest frequency.

For many of us reading this message, we are just now finding solace in our own hearts to recognize the fact that the great wonders of our own paradise-like world has been within us all along.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Protection, Divine Light and the highest frequency of Unconditionally Love from my Higher Heart chakra to yours. ♾

And so it is. Asè


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