New Chapter: Revived Expression

A new chapter has been added to our wondrously adventurous book of transformative life on this earthly plane of existence.

The meaning of this will vary from one soul to the next but know that what happens will have great impact on us all.

There is a momentous occasion headed our way and we truly can’t do anything to prepare for it. “The emergence of something beyond where our eyes can see” is how spirit is telling me to describe this event, movement, creation, action and/or inaction.

Many of us are switching things up right now. Whether it is shifting furniture around the home or shifting homes all together. There is a call to do so as if this is our way of communicating to the divine that we are flexible, agile and versatile.

I am being shown a sunrise energy covering a shadow. There is a sense of warmth coming towards us. Light is being shined towards a path that we will clearly be able to see.

Clarity is here as well for those seeking to know and understand more about this new journey or adventure. For some there is a heavy Sagittarius energy here. Learning and exploring while having fun kind of energy. Travel is definitely in the near future. This could also be spiritual travel in dreams as well. Waking up feeling as though your dreamscape was/is reality.

Please document these dreams for future reference!

Spirit is saying “don’t feel obligated to follow this new path” but be open to acknowledging it is here for you whenever you seek it.

Many will be moved to write things down or to get things in order.

Health is being highlighted here as well. It is Virgo season and Virgo rules our health so pay attention to where your guides/intuition will be vying for your attention. Bone health is very significant for most.

Altering our diets to eat higher frequency foods and foods with roots would be best because there is a grounding energy being highlighted around the earth star chakra and our root chakra.

Keep in mind the root chakra is where we feel safe, secure and stable. I am also seeing fire energy around the sacral plexus.

To be honest, many of us really need to pray more and sit in silence (meditate) afterwards! This is how we listen to God and take heed of our call to action, guidance and receive clarity. Continuous prayer (where you are talking) is great but not allowing time to receive messages/answers is very one sided.

Anyways…we can discuss more about that another time.

Understand that the next 28 days (moon cycle) will be very important for the collective. Set intentions for your personal growth and listen to what is being shared with you. I would recommend writing down one very specific intention or clarification you are seeking first thing in the morning after writing down your dreams. Before bed each night, notate the answers, confirmation or clarity you received throughout your day.

There is definitely a shift in perspective here. Changes in the way we see and love on ourselves. Self development is front and center.

All together this month will most likely not go according to your previously made plans due to Mercury Retrograde (10 September – 2 October).

Know that you will receive any clarity or guidance that you seek.

Move your body more! Do more of what makes you truly feel happy as long as its for your highest and greatest good, causing no harm to others and yourself.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Protection, Divine Guidance, and Divine Love across all timelines.



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