Fight ⚓️ or Flight ðŸš€

Welcome to a timeline filled with major and minor adjustments.

For many of us this time will serve as a time of receiving due to the Divine Feminine returning to her power feeling hella restored, replenished and ready to open heartedly receive.

I am seeing this applying to Cancer moons and Cancer Venus placements mostly.

By this I mean if you have these placements in your chart you are very sensitive to the energies by the timeline due to the what’s happening in the stars right now.

Many of us are also stashing cash away for security in the future. This will most definitely be very beneficial in regards to the many ways abundance of wealth will be flowing into our lives in mysterious ways.

By setting aside a portion of your gains shows the Divine that you are putting yourself first by paying yourself first.

This small task will become a very easy part of our lives the more we do it.

Continuity is a major theme in our lives right now.

Continuity provides assurance and alignment to a rhythm of things working out in our favor because we feel prepared and confident knowing we have wealth building in multiple ways.

Being able to check the balance in our high yield savings accounts, real estate portfolios, holiday savings account, etc… automatically lifts our spirits and raises our higher heart vibrations to receive more.

You wake up feeling so much love for self knowing you have taken care of yourself first before paying any bills!

Bills seem to become easier to pay after you have contributed to your own financial savings plans first. Before you know it everything is taken care of and you are now able to spend more days at the spa or enjoy an evening out per week without worry.

I am not sure why my guides are leading me to share this kind of message today but here we are!

We are being led into a wealth management mindset to ensure we can properly manage the kind of wealth the Divine will bless us with.

Basically we are being asked to pass the class!

Many of us are in the stage where we have already started making our financial literacy a priority. Others are being enlightened by this very message to “get on it!”

In order for the wealth you prayed for to come in you must first show you can pass the class.

Soon after you will have built an anchor for your future financial security to take flight.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Guidance, Divine Truth and Divine Protection.

As above, so below. As within, so without. As to the universe, so to the soul.

Asè 🤲🏾🧿


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